What are the main points of choosing a twin-screw granulator

Before buying a Twin screw barrel for extruder, you must have a certain understanding of this equipment in advance. Only after understanding its basic information can you make a better choice. If you are still not at ease, you can consult with experts who understand this type of mechanical equipment. They will provide you with reasonable opinions. Of course, if you have sufficient funds, you can directly choose high-configuration equipment. The quality is guaranteed and the performance is also very good.

Screw barrel for plastic squeeze machine and drying machine
Screw barrel for plastic squeeze machine and drying machine
SCREW BARREL for granulation machine/ Pelletizer. We have rich experience in pelleting screw barrel. We have developed a variety of new type of granulation machine/Pelleting screw barrel, with different screw designs, greatly improved the production output, and enhance the service life via continuous practice. The screw barrel can be used for materials like PP, PE, ABS, PET, PA, PMMA and all kinds of engineering plastics. We also water granulation type screw barrel, and design for film with new type high efficiency. The screw barrel adopts the special compulsory feeding design system with high efficiency and output which access to the user's praise.

It depends on whether the twin-screw granulator manufacturer can provide you with the corresponding equipment information. Generally, regular twin-screw granulator manufacturers will have detailed information on each equipment. If they only provide some simple forms, there is no For the actual equipment parameters and performance, you can re-select the manufacturer, because such a manufacturer will have great hidden dangers, and unqualified equipment will have a great impact on future production.

The twin-screw granulator is currently used in a wide range of places, and almost many manufacturers will use it to varying degrees, so before choosing a twin-screw granulator, you must know your production needs and what your products need. To understand the performance of various aspects, when choosing, it is necessary to choose a few more manufacturers. The reason of shopping around is still practical. Through the introduction of products by different manufacturers and the provision of equipment parameters, we can see their professionalism.