Recycling Granulation Screw Barrels Wholesale

GADDY Screw Barrel for Granulation machine / Pelletizer. We have rich experience in pelleting screw barrel. We have developed a variety of new type of granulation machine / Pelleting screw barrel, with different screw designs, greatly improved the production output, and enhance the service life via continus practice. The screw barrel can be used for materials like PP, PE, ABS, PET, PA, PMMA, and all kinds of engineering plastics. We also water granulation type screw barrel and design for film with new type high efficiency. The screw barrel adopts the special compulsory feeding design system with high effiency and output which access to the user's praise.

Screw Barrel For Recycling Granulation Manufacturers

Zhoushan Jiadng Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. was created in 2002, located in Chinese famous screw - Jin Tang Town in Zhoushan. JIADING is a professional Recycling Granulation Screw Barrels Manufacturers and OEM Screw Barrel For Recycling Granulation suppliers, with the professional design and manufacture of precision screw barrel for recycling granulation and the ability of rubber and plastic machinery parts. Product design and development manufacturing, sales, after-sales service as one, the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced processing equipment, plus several years of manufacturing experience, the product quality in the formation of production process control, production facilities, inspection and testing, and other aspects of human and material resources, to improve the quality of products as the core concept, our wholesale Screw Barrel For Recycling Granulation are mainly exported to the united states, Germany, Britain, Japan, Canada, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and other countries and regions that have cooperation.