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Zhoushan Jiadng Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. was created in 2002, located in Chinese famous screw - Jin Tang Town in Zhoushan. JIADING is a professional Screw and Barrel Accessories Manufacturers and OEM Screw and Barrel Accessories suppliers, with the professional design and manufacture of precision other screw and barrel accessories and the ability of rubber and plastic machinery parts. Product design and development manufacturing, sales, after-sales service as one, the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced processing equipment, plus several years of manufacturing experience, the product quality in the formation of production process control, production facilities, inspection and testing, and other aspects of human and material resources, to improve the quality of products as the core concept, our wholesale Screw and Barrel Accessories are mainly exported to the united states, Germany, Britain, Japan, Canada, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and other countries and regions that have cooperation.

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Integrity, Pragmatism, Innovation, Service.

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pay attention to practical results, perfect management, excellence, casting quality. Our business philosophy: integrity, pragmatism, innovation, service

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Quality first is our eternal theme,
Quality service is our sacred duty,
Customer satisfaction is our goal.

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And Pursue Excellence

We are a professional manufacturer of screw barrel.
Our company implements scientific management, well equipped with different kinds of advanced processing and inspection equipment. This provides a solid foundation for our quality .

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Industry Knowledge Development

What is screw and barrel accessories?
Screw and barrel accessories refer to various components and devices that are used in conjunction with the screw and barrel assembly of an injection molding machine. These accessories are designed to enhance the performance and efficiency of the screw and barrel system. Some common examples of screw and barrel accessories include:
1.Screw tip assemblies: These are used to control the flow of plastic material and ensure accurate and consistent material distribution.
2.Non-return valves: These are used to prevent backflow of plastic material in the screw and barrel, improving processing efficiency and preventing material waste.
3.Heaters and temperature control devices: These are used to regulate the temperature of the screw and barrel, ensuring that the plastic material is melted and homogenized correctly.
4.Barrel insulation: This helps to maintain the temperature of the barrel and reduce energy consumption.
5.Gear pumps: These are used to pump plastic material into the screw and barrel, providing consistent and controlled material flow.
6.Filters: These are used to remove contaminants and impurities from the plastic material, improving the quality of the final product.
These accessories play a crucial role in optimizing the performance and efficiency of an injection molding machine, and their selection and usage should be carefully considered based on the specific processing needs of the application.

What are the advantages of screw and barrel accessories?
The advantages of using screw and barrel accessories in an injection molding machine are:
1.Improved processing efficiency: The use of screw and barrel accessories can improve the processing efficiency of the injection molding machine by controlling the flow of plastic material, preventing backflow, and ensuring consistent material distribution.
2.Enhanced quality of the final product: The use of filters and other accessories can improve the quality of the final product by removing contaminants and impurities from the plastic material.
3.Energy savings: Accessories such as barrel insulation and temperature control devices can help to reduce energy consumption, improving the energy efficiency of the injection molding machine.
4.Increased production capacity: The use of gear pumps and other accessories can increase the production capacity of the injection molding machine, allowing for higher output and faster processing times.
5.Extended lifespan of the screw and barrel: The use of screw tip assemblies and other accessories can protect the screw and barrel from wear and tear, extending its lifespan and reducing maintenance and repair costs.
6.Improved safety: The use of temperature control devices and other safety-related accessories can improve the safety of the injection molding operation, reducing the risk of accidents and reducing the impact on the environment.
Overall, the use of screw and barrel accessories can have a significant impact on the performance, efficiency, and productivity of an injection molding machine, and is an important consideration in optimizing the overall processing operations.