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Zhoushan Jiading Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Alven Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Created in 2002, located in the Chinese famous screw - Jin TangTown in Zhoushan. JIADING is a famous

China screw barrels manufacturers and custom screw barrels suppliers

, with professional design and manufacture of precision screw cylinder and the ability of rubber and plastic machinery parts.

'GADDY' the way forward is very long and very difficult , we will continue to work hard, continue to progress,to win more customers support and more broad market.

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SINCE 2002

GADDY SCREW is the best screw barrel brand China since 2002. Nearly 20 years of experience and history in the manufacture of screw barrel so that our products can be more high precision and better quality. Thereby effectively improving and refining the extrusion capacity and quality. Continuous innovation, the constant pursuit of the perfect product, prompt our products and services all over the world.
· All kinds of pipe, sheet and film extrusion screw barrel
· Granule compacting into silo series
· PP, PE, PA, ABS, TPU, PC, PMMA, PET, PVC, PS and other conventional engineering plastics series
· PE,PP with water film, ton bag, paper factory material, PA air bag cloth, with water granulation series
· Squeeze dry granulation series
· Large opposite parallel twin granulating screw barrel series


  • Professional Design and Personalized Solutions

    Because of focus, so professional, Jiading engineers for the special working conditions of customers to specify the optimal solution, according to the particularity of different products and different materials to choose different materials and production process, optimize the screw structure, to achieve yield improvement, high efficiency, stability, prolong the life expectancy, to achieve a win-win situation with customers.

  • Strong Technical Force

    Our R&D dept. consists of rich experienced and creative experts, professors, and senior engineer. They adopt the most advanced design and drawing software, such as AutoCAD, Solid works, etc., constant innovation, optimize the product design, develop new product, creat higher quality products. Aiming at your requirment, we can provide best solution for you.

  • Quality Management

    Quality is the life of an enterprise. We have created a Quality Management System. We take strict inspection in every production process to ensure high level quality of our products. We dedicate to provide best products and service, pretty competitive price and high efficient delivery to every customer.


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Professional design and manufacture of precision screw cylinders and rubber and plastic machinery parts.