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Our Business Ability

Inspiring your customers with our designs requires collaboration with you. Draw your ideas and our design team will translate them into whatever you need for the industry.

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  • Products design and development

    Enterprise’s sustainable development must need to constantly have new varieties, new products in succession were born. JIADING has several senior designers, is committed to all kinds of new materials of screw barrel design and development.

  • Surveying and mapping to your door

    JIDING can be customized according to the production of products and materials for the customer special screw cylinder, may at any time to the actual measurement of surveying and mapping.

  • Screw Products Customization

    JIADING depending on the production of products and raw materials, and design customized special screw cylinder and various related equipment.

  • Screw Products Transformation

    JIADING can use according to the customer’s actual situation and requirements, in view of the existing customers use screw cylinder and transformation, thus saving customers the cost of production.

  • Screw Products Repair

    JIADING can provide customers with the old screw cylinder repairing process, screw surface spraying nickel and tungsten carbide alloy, then grinding smooth match the cylinder inner hole, screw with laser spraying process ensures that the alloy spray welding layers with not fall off, no cracks, no air hole, strictly control the workpiece deformation, etc. While the old cylinder adopt boring or inner hole set, after repair, plasticizing parameters of the machine does not need to make any changes, its service life and much higher than your purchase of conventional material components.

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