How to handle the screw of twin screw extruder

Turn off the power of the Twin screw barrel for extruder, remove the pressure measuring, temperature measuring elements and heaters on the machine head; pull out all the screws, lay them flat on a wooden board, remove the screw removal tool, remove and clean the screw elements while they are hot, If the material penetrates into the screw mandrel and it is difficult to disassemble the screw element, use a wooden hammer or copper rod to tap lightly around the screw element, and then take out the element after loosening.

Loosen the two-sleeve coupling, observe and remember the splines and marks at the end of the two screws according to the type of set screw at the end of the screw shaft. First heat the barrel to the molding temperature of the residual material in the barrel. After heating up to the molding temperature, remove the machine head while it is hot, and clean the material at the hole end of the barrel and the end of the screw.

The twin-screw extruder generates less frictional heat during the resin extrusion and melting process. The melting and plasticizing time of raw materials in the barrel is shorter (that is, the residence time of raw materials in the barrel is shorter than that of single-screw extruded plasticized raw materials in the barrel), and the production efficiency is higher than that of single-screw extruders. The twin-screw extruder works in meshing rotation, and the residual material in the barrel can be cleaned automatically.

The resin is plasticized in the barrel of the twin-screw extruder, and the shearing effect of the twin-screw meshing is stable and uniform, and the quality of the raw materials mixed and plasticized is better. The powder can be directly extruded and mixed in the twin-screw extruder to plasticize the resin, and the product quality is relatively stable, which saves the need to mix and granulate the polyvinyl chloride and other resins when forming products with a single-screw extruder. 

Twin screw barrel for plastic granulator machine
Twin screw barrel for plastic granulator machine
Up Diameter:Φ30mm-Φ400mm
Ratio of length to diameter:L/D=20-50
Down Diameter:Φ30mm-Φ300mm
Ratio of length to diameter:L/D=8-20