How to disassemble the screw barrel

When the injection screw barrel for injection machine sometimes has problems, it must be removed and the equipment must be started from scratch. At this time, the operator must follow the correct method. If it is not handled properly, it is easy to damage the barrel screw of the injection molding machine. When disassembling the barrel of the injection molding machine, do not be careless. It should be done according to the correct solution. So, how to disassemble the barrel of the injection molding machine? Injection molding machine barrel screw displacement method?

Parallel cylindrical screws for PE PP sheet product

Parallel cylindrical screws for PE PP sheet product
Twin screw and barrel type: CINCINNATI, BATTENFELD, KRAUSSMAFFEI, BAUSANO, MAPLAN and AMUT model spares.
The screw of the series consists mainly of two parallel cylindrical screws, which rotate to the opposite direction. Parallel double screw rotational speed is low, less heat, shear stability of the materials in the barrel, uniform, screw of material conveying ability is strong, have good exhaust effect at the same time, is conducive to the stability of product quality.
The main applications: Includes PVC pipe & profile extrude, PP/PE sheet product.

Disassembly and assembly of screw barrel:
When assembling from scratch, the steps of disassembly are reversed, and the parts of the device are arranged in order. When two workers do this, they must be reminded of each other's safety.
When tightening the barrel head bolt, pay attention to:
1. It must be a bolt with a strength class of 12.9, and evenly apply heat-resistant grease (such as MoS2) on the thread surface of the bolt. Tighten the diagonal bolts evenly, several times at a time. Use proper torque. Make good use of a torque wrench.
2.Then tighten the bolts. If the heating cylinder head bolts are tightened too tightly, the threads may be damaged, but if they are too loose, they may leak.