How to choose a screw barrel

You should know what type of material screws are made of. Some types are made of stainless steel while others are made of Bimetallic screw barrel, hardened steel, or cast iron. When looking for a screw barrel, you should know that precision is what you should look for. A screw barrel that is manufactured to be precise is called a precision screw barrel.When considering the type of stainless steel screw barrel you need for your project, you have a few different options. These screw barrels can be used for a variety of purposes, including extrusion. Depending on the application, you can choose a single screw extruder or a twin screw extruder. Each type offers various advantages.When choosing the right barrel for your job, you will also want to consider the application for which it will be used.

Single screw barrel of recycling granulation machine
Single screw barrel of recycling granulation machine
Up Diameter:Φ30mm-Φ400mm
Ratio of length to diameter:L/D=20-50
Down Diameter:Φ30mm-Φ300mm
Ratio of length to diameter:L/D=8-20

A barrel that is too wide for a given application will require a different type of screw. If you're looking for a stainless steel screw barrel, you'll probably want to buy a metric version. They'll be more secure than a wood screw, and they won't corrode as easily.If you want to improve the fatigue resistance of your screw barrels, consider using a bimetal one. This material can be used in the manufacture of screw barrels for various applications that require a high level of performance. It can improve the fatigue limit of your rear screw barrels by 30%. In addition, it is also resistant to abrasion.

The screw barrel is made up of three zones: the feed zone, compression zone, and metering zone. The feed zone has a constant depth of material, while the compression zone is shallower to keep air from flowing down the barrel. The third zone is called the metering zone, and it is where the plastic melt is almost melted before it is pushed through the die.Several factors should be considered when purchasing a screw barrel. One of the most important considerations is the material used for the screw barrel. Some screw barrels are made of a monometallic nitriding steel. Others are case-hardened to 60-65 HRC.

Whatever the material is used for, it is important to choose a screw barrel that has a hardened steel core.Hardness is important for a number of applications, but corrosion-resistant materials tend to have a lower coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) than standard steel, which is problematic when processing high-temperature resins. The CTE of the screw and barrel should match, otherwise the screw may bind and the barrel may wear out prematurely. This means that it is critical to match the materials, which means consulting a screw and barrel manufacturer who specializes in this process.