What is the use of the screw

The solid plastic raw material enters the screw groove from the feeding funnel. Due to the high-speed rotation of the screw, there is a shearing effect with the melt cylinder, so that the plastic raw material is mixed and transported along the screw groove, so that the solid plastic raw material is subjected to the outside of the melt cylinder.

Under the action of the heating sheet heating and the shear heat generated by the screw, the inside of the melt cylinder is heated up and melted into a melt state. The application of plastic products is closely related to our life. Injection molding and extrusion molding are currently processed as energy-saving processing methods. Among them, the plastic plasticizing screw is the most important key component, and each plastic has its own physical characteristics, which makes the design of the plastic plasticizing screw different.

For the design of plastic plasticizing screw, the rule of thumb has been used in the past, and the cost is high and the problem cannot be solved. Therefore, some details in the design of plastic plasticizing screw are worthy of our discussion and analysis. This section is connected with the feeding funnel, the plastic solid particles are tightly compressed to form a solid bed, and under the shearing effect of the melt tube, the plastic temperature is gradually increased, and the plastic is transported forward.

This section Bimetallic screw barrel is the area from the end point of the solid conveying area to the area before the melting pool is formed. The front screw channel accumulates, and the pressure formed at the end of this zone is high enough to deform the solid bed, and the accumulation in the front screw channel gradually forms a melting pool.