What are the two repair methods for double alloy screw

In addition to the Twin screw barrel for extruder used in the manufacture of new equipment such as extruders and injection machines, double alloy screws are also of special significance in the repair of old equipment. It can not only revive the used equipment that has lost its use value, but also use the dual-alloy technology to repair the worn screw and barrel, and can also obtain excellent use results at low cost. There are two different methods for repairing damaged barrels and screws using bi-alloy materials: one is the expansion repair method, and the other is the bushing repair method.
Expanded repair method:
The inner hole of the barrel is enlarged according to the maximum inner diameter after wear, and then through nitriding or chrome plating, the inner surface of the barrel has the necessary hardness, and the repair work of the barrel is completed; The high wear-resistant alloy layer required for the upper layer is compounded, so that the diameter of the screw thread after spray welding is slightly larger than the diameter of the repaired barrel. Then through mechanical processing, the size required to match the repaired barrel is reached, and the repair of the screw is completed.
Bushing repair
The inner diameter of the barrel is enlarged by 10mm, and the double-alloy bushing is inserted into the interference sleeve, and then the inner diameter is restored to the original size after machining, and the repair of the barrel is completed; Make its diameter slightly larger than the required diameter, and then achieve the required size through machining to complete the repair of the screw.