How to reduce the wear of the screw and barrel of the injection molding machine

Since the screw and barrel of the injection molding machine need to be in an environment of high pressure, high temperature, high mechanical torque and high friction, long-term operation in such an environment will inevitably cause wear of the barrel and screw. It is difficult to reduce the wear and tear, but scientific and reasonable methods can be used to appropriately reduce the wear degree. How to do it?

Generally speaking, in order to improve the wear resistance of the screw and barrel of the injection molding machine, the general manufacturer will The surface is nitrided. In addition, we need to understand the causes of wear, so that we can take targeted measures to reduce the degree of wear and improve its service life. Each plastic raw material has a suitable processing temperature, so it is necessary to adjust the processing temperature before processing different plastic raw materials, so that the processing temperature is as close to the ideal temperature as possible.

In the process of granular plastic entering the barrel from the hopper, the first place to reach is the feeding section, so that dry friction will occur in the feeding section, so that these plastic raw materials are prone to insufficient heating and uneven melting. The wear of the inner wall of the barrel increases, and then when the plastic raw material enters the compression section and the homogenization section.

The melting screw barrel for plastic extruder machine state of the plastic is not uniform, which will also cause the friction to increase.The speed should be adjusted properly, and the speed should not be adjusted too high. Since a lot of reinforcing agents and fillers are added to many plastic raw materials at present, these substances will cause friction between the screw and the barrel. If the rotating speed used is high, the friction will be increased.