How to effectively maintain and maintain the screw barrel to prolong its service life?

As the core component of plastic processing equipment, the screw barrel is crucial to production for its normal operation. In order to ensure production efficiency and product quality, effective care and maintenance of the screw barrel is a task that cannot be ignored. So, how can we effectively maintain and maintain the screw barrel and prolong its service life?

First of all, regular cleaning is a basic step in maintaining the screw barrel. During production, plastic material may remain inside the screw barrel, accumulating over time leading to clogging and carbon buildup. Regular shutdown of the equipment and disassembly of the screw barrel for thorough cleaning can effectively prevent these problems from occurring. Proper cleaning agents and tools can be used for cleaning, taking care not to damage the surface of the screw barrel.

Second, maintaining proper lubrication is also key. The operation of the screw barrel requires lubricants to reduce wear and friction, thereby extending service life. According to the requirements of the equipment, add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil or grease regularly, and ensure that the lubricant can be evenly distributed to all parts of the screw barrel.

In addition, regular inspection and replacement of worn parts are also important aspects of maintenance. The threads and heating elements inside the screw barrel may wear down due to prolonged high-intensity operation, resulting in reduced process quality. Regularly check the wear of these parts and replace them in time to maintain the normal operation of the equipment.

Finally, following the operating procedures and paying attention to safety is also an important part of maintaining the screw barrel. Correct operation can reduce the load and wear of equipment, and at the same time ensure the safety of operators.

Twin screw barrel for plastic granulator machine
Up Diameter:Φ30mm-Φ400mm
Ratio of length to diameter:L/D=20-50
Down Diameter:Φ30mm-Φ300mm
Ratio of length to diameter:L/D=8-20