How to choose a twin screw barrel for your extruder

When choosing a Twin screw barrel for extruder, you need a barrel that can meet your productivity and plasticizing requirements. The heat-up time is about an hour for small and medium extruders, and can be as long as two hours for larger machines. There is no cooling system in the barrel, but natural cooling can still meet your process requirements. However, you also need to consider the feed port temperature, as a hot feed port can cause "bridging" and make feeding difficult. The diameter of the barrel of the twin-screw extruder is 25-244 mm, and the length-diameter ratio of the barrel is 39-48. This modular design allows the user to vary the barrel length as needed. A twin-screw extruder consists of two parallel screws mounted in a barrel.

Twin screw barrel for plastic granulator machine
Twin screw barrel for plastic granulator machine
Up Diameter:Φ30mm-Φ400mm
Ratio of length to diameter:L/D=20-50
Down Diameter:Φ30mm-Φ300mm
Ratio of length to diameter:L/D=8-20

These screws can be fully engaged, partially engaged or non-engaged. Non-intermeshing twin screws behave like two single screws. Fully intermeshing twin screws are more suitable for specific applications. Their primary uses include devolatilization, ingredient mixing, compounding and blending of viscous materials. Coperion twin-screw barrels for extruders are a reliable and economical solution for dosing bulk materials or powders. It features stainless steel parts and interchangeable feeding tools. It also has a horizontal agitator that moves material from the feeder into the screw. Coperion twin-screw barrels for extruders are specially designed for the production of masterbatches.

It features a range of improvements designed to ensure safe working conditions and improved cleaning. It also features a new die developed for masterbatch production. Its advanced features will increase your productivity and profitability. Twin screw barrels are available in a variety of sizes. They can be up to 244mm long and 25mm in diameter. Unlike counter-rotating machines, twin-screw barrels can be adjusted as needed because they are modular. The twin-screw barrel allows for a narrow residence time distribution and can efficiently remove heat and devolatilize unwanted by-products. It is also ideal for pumping high viscosity materials. Plus, it offers the added benefit of being able to mix materials.

Twin screw extruders have positive displacement capability, which makes them suitable for pumping hard-to-feed materials. They also have low shear rates and can handle heat sensitive materials. The twin screw extruder is versatile, which means it can be used for many different applications. However, it is more geometrically complex and can be expensive to purchase. A twin-screw extruder consists of two screws mounted in a barrel. These two screws are generally tapered and can be configured in different ways. Some twin screws may be intermeshing or parallel, rotating in opposite directions, while others may be completely separate rather than intermeshing. These twin screw extruders are widely used in the food and plastic industries.